Looking Back at 2022: A Year-in-Review with Vantage Hemp Co.

Looking Back at 2022: A Year-in-Review with Vantage Hemp Co.

2022 saw several standout industries. With the global cannabidiol market expected to finish as a $6.36 billion USD industry in 2022, wellness has shifted fundamentally to modern solutions. 

Since its inception in 2019, Vantage has seen undeniable success in the hemp and CBD space which has led to opportunities outside of the industry in 2022. With a new, diverse customer base and multiple agreements in international markets, the company is ready to tackle 2023 as a plant-based wellness company.

Industry Partners & International Markets

In January 2022, Psyched Wellness, a Canadian brand looking to lead the emerging functional food category with functional mushrooms, announced its partnership with Vantage. With an agreement that included extraction, commercial production, and bottling, Vantage worked to bring Psyched Wellness’ AME-1-derived products to market.

Learn more about Vantage’s Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) partnership with Psyched Wellness.

A Vantage partner since early 2021, Medcan Australia was founded with the vision to provide Australian patients with a high-quality, fairly priced product. This year, Vantage and Medcan signed a multi-million dollar deal with an exclusive agreement that will export Vantage’s pharmaceutical-grade CBD and finished tincture to local pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Read about the vital deal that will grow the Australian CBD industry. 

Focusing on what businesses want and value has allowed 2022 to be a breakout year for Vantage in international markets, establishing partnerships in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, with a soon-to-be-finalized agreement in Japan.

A Promise of Support to Clients

Market success does not come without a dedication to increasing product and service offerings. Accompanied by high-quality processes, global standards adherence, and world-class facilities, Vantage announced softgel capabilities in response to meeting client and consumer demands. 

Interested in softgel production? Read more about the offering here.

In April 2022, Vantage further solidified its position as a transparent, reliable, and compliant partner to pharmaceutical companies with the announcement of a Drug Master File (DMF) submission for its hemp-derived CBD distillate to the US Food & Drug Administration.

Vantage’s current and forthcoming DMF submissions are a clear promise of support to clients formulating with its CBD active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

Learn how Vantage’s DMF submission makes it a transparent partner to clients and regulatory bodies.

In the News

Get to know Vantage better through our top media highlights of 2022 – listen, read, and learn with our experts below.

2023 and Beyond

It is clear consumers have become more willing to try various solutions to improve mental and physical states with increasing interest in modern approaches and skepticism of traditional prescription drug therapies. The wellness industry, specifically plant-based supplements, promises approachable, modern solutions, cultivating a growing consumer market. 

With that said, there is great importance in having high-quality producers and manufacturers to supply CPG companies.

Vantage plans to play a significant role in the flourishing revolution of plant-based wellness with agile capacity, manufacturing scalability, industry expertise, and rigorous quality and compliance. 

Vantage has the capability to meet today’s market needs and bring the innovations of next-generation health and wellness solutions to businesses and consumers.

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