Vantage Hemp Co. Establishes Softgel Production for White Label Partners and Beyond

Vantage Hemp Co. Establishes Softgel Production for White Label Partners and Beyond

Pharmaceutical-grade CBD producer shows commitment to increasing white label format capabilities

Industry leader, Vantage Hemp Co. (“Vantage” or the “Company”), announces softgel capabilities in response to meeting client and consumer demands. As the Company expands its white label and contract manufacturing services, its softgels achieve the highest global manufacturing standards. With accreditation established to pharmaceutical quality and safety specifications, Vantage is the gold standard in CBD extraction, purification, and final product formulation and manufacturing.

Certified compliance with WHO GMP

Through certified compliance with WHO GMP (World Health Organization, Good Manufacturing Practices) and ICH Q7 (GMP for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Vantage is uniquely positioned as the preeminent CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) partner for pharmaceutical and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies that require best-in-class partners. With white label services that focus on the ultimate intent of the Company’s clients, Vantage aims to fulfill consumer needs, increase satisfaction, and retain target customers by offering high-quality, consumer-preferred CBD formats.


“Preferred by consumers, softgels are the most convenient way to precisely dose CBD, which results in better patient compliance and satisfaction,” noted Vantage’s Chief Process Biochemist, Deepank Utkhede. “Vantage’s scalable white label softgel production capabilities will provide an additional format to clients looking for flexibility, custom product formulations, competitive pricing, and the opportunity for product differentiation,” concluded Utkhede.

The success of Vantage’s current CMO partnerships makes it one of very few with proven market performance in CBD extraction, commercial production, and packaging processes. Vantage’s world-class facilities, expert team, and flexible, scalable manufacturing capacity make it the ideal white label production partner for any size brand or business that specializes in pharmaceutical and CPG business operations, creating the highest quality products with precision and scale.

About Vantage Hemp Co.

With large-scale extraction facilities, Colorado-based Vantage Hemp Co. delivers pharmaceutical-grade GMP-compliant CBD extracts (including full-spectrum oil, distillate and isolate) that companies can trust. Vantage’s contract manufacturing services offer a broad range of benefits as they operate with integrity and abide by stringent pharmaceutical-production standards to provide quality products to their partners.

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