CBD Program for Pharmacists

Vantage Hemp’s CBD Program for Pharmacists provides pharmacies with access to CBD products manufactured using Vantage Hemp’s FDA-registered CBD Distillate and Isolate.  CBD products such as tinctures, roll-ons, gummies, and softgels are manufactured to global pharmaceutical standards including WHO GMP, ICH Q7, and FDA 21 CFR 210/211.

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Why should pharmacists stock CBD products?

10 good reasons for stocking pharmaceutical grade CBD products.

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1. Clinical Evidence

Over recent years, evidence has mounted in support of the therapeutic potential of CBD for a range of conditions including epilepsy, anxiety, inflammation, and pain. The U.S. FDA has approved Epidiolex, a purified form of CBD, for the treatment of seizures associated with two rare and severe forms of epilepsy.

2. Quality Assurance

Pharmaceutical-grade products adhere to stringent production and testing standards. By carrying such products, pharmacists can ensure that they are providing their customers with high-quality, consistent CBD preparations that are free from contaminants.

3. Patient Demand

As public awareness of CBD’s potential benefits grows, many patients are seeking reputable sources to purchase these products. Pharmacists can fulfill this demand and provide an added layer of trust, given their professional standing.

4. Professional Guidance

With CBD being sold in a plethora of venues, from online stores to gas stations, there’s a lack of expert guidance on its use. Pharmacists can offer patients tailored advice on dosing, potential drug interactions, and appropriate use, ensuring safer and more effective consumption.

5. Revenue Stream

The CBD market is rapidly growing. By offering pharmaceutical-grade products, pharmacies can tap into this lucrative market and diversify their revenue sources.

6. Stigma Reduction

The presence of CBD in pharmacies can help reduce the stigma associated with cannabis-related products. By offering them in a clinical setting, it underscores their potential therapeutic utility.

7. Combatting the Opioid Crisis

Some preliminary research suggests that CBD may play a role in pain management and reducing opioid dependence. If this line of research proves fruitful, offering CBD might help combat the ongoing opioid crisis.

8. Legal Clarity

Laws around CBD are becoming clearer in many jurisdictions. Carrying pharmaceutical-grade products ensures that pharmacies are compliant with regulatory standards.

9. Diversified Product Line

Offering CBD products can provide patients with a broader range of healthcare solutions under one roof.

10. Educational Opportunities

By stocking CBD, pharmacies can serve as hubs for educational resources on its safe and effective use.

Vantage Hemp’s CBD Program for Pharmacists

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