Pharmaceutical Grade CBD and Plant-based APIs

Vantage Hemp manufactures pharmaceutical grade CBD, plant-based APIs, and consumer packaged goods. Our CBD isolate, CBD distillate, CBD full spectrum oil, and plant-based APIs are registered with the FDA and manufactured to international pharmaceutical standards.  Vantage Hemp’s zero percent THC tinctures, softgel capsules, roll-ons, and vegan gummies are formulated by pharmacists and tested for CBD/THC, microbials, solvents, heavy metals, toxins, and pesticides in an ISO/IEC certified lab.


Pharmaceutical Grade CBD

At Vantage, we understand the regulatory process for Investigational New Drugs (IND), clinical trial execution, and new drug commercialization. Having achieved ICH Q7, WHO GMP, FDA 21 CFR 210/211, and PIC/S certifications, our extraction and manufacturing facilities are compliant with all global cGMP pharmaceutical standards. Visit our Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Page.

Plant-based APIs

We have first-hand experience launching plant-based wellness products, so we provide flexible solutions and manageable MOQs.  Choose Vantage Hemp as your contract manufacturing partner for plant-based wellness and reap the benefits of our state-of-the-art extraction, formulation, and cGMP compliant manufacturing. Visit our Plant-based APIs Page.

cGMP Manufacturing

Vantage Hemp Co. is North America’s only WHO GMP, FDA 21 CFR 210/211, PIC/S and ICH Q7 certified hemp processor. Most recently, Vantage Hemp received its PIC/S certification from the Australian government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

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See our full product guide from raw crude to registered pharmaceutical APIs and manufactured finished goods.

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Leading White Label Manufacturing Services

Vantage Hemp provides top-quality white label and contract manufacturing services. We offer a wide range of safe, tested, and compliant pharmaceutical grade CBD and plant-based wellness products that are ready for retail branding and distribution. Have a custom formulation? Our team of expert formulation scientists can design scalable manufacturing processes for any plant-based wellness products

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How Are CBD Formulations Made?

Vantage employs a team of pharmaceutical scientists with decades of experience in formulation. With our bulk formulation services, we empower businesses to maintain compliance and standards while bringing innovative products to market with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that comply with rigid quality, safety, and purity parameters.

Custom product formulations using carrier oils, other whole plant extracts, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids create the opportunity for product differentiation with unique finished goods that are manufactured to international pharmaceutical standards, allowing for export around the world.

Decarboxylation of CBDA

In its primal form (within the raw plant), is an acid containing carboxyl (a chemical group). This form of CBD is known as cannabidiolic acid (CBDA).  Decarboxylation separates CBDA from the carboxyl group (A), converting it to CBD.

At Vantage Hemp, this is achieved by applying heat to the biomass in a highly specialized oven under pressurized nitrogen, which allows for tight control of the temperature, pressure, and gases while preserving all of the plant’s beneficial minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction

Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) using CO2 is highly efficient and hydrocarbon-free. CO2 is kept under tightly controlled temperatures and pressures to maintain its supercritical gas-liquid form. Carbon dioxide is pumped through the hemp biomass in order to extract CBD and other cannabinoids. When the pressure is reduced, CO2 becomes gas again, is captured and recycled, and the cannabinoids drip out into the collection chamber in oil form.

As a resource-intensive procedure that demands high attention to detail, CO2 extraction should only be carried out at purpose-built facilities, such as Vantage Hemp’s Falcon facility.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

Hydrocarbon extraction is a complicated and highly flammable process that has valuable properties for the production of cannabis extracts. It is important to note that both the Falcon and Raven buildings were designed and built in full consultation with the City of Greeley and the Greeley Fire Department.

The hydrocarbons, butane or propane, are used as a solvent. The solvent is then heated to evaporate the hydrocarbons and recover the CBD extracts. Solvents are essential in this process since temperature and pressure can effectively separate the molecules from other compounds found in the plant while allowing for in-process winterization.

Hydrocarbon extraction is an extremely dangerous process requiring strict safety protocols. Only scientific experts in the matter of extracting compounds from plant matter should be involved in this procedure.

At Vantage Hemp, all of our facilities are pharmaceutical-grade, and the people who work on our high-quality raw ingredients are some of the brightest scientists in the world.

What Are the Different Types of CBD Formulations?

CBD Full Spectrum Oils and Distillates are most commonly used in plant-based wellness products such as tinctures and softgels, while creams can be delivered with a variety of different CBD formulations and applications. With CBD as the main active ingredient, having a variety of  products and formulations containing minor cannabinoids and terpenes can make a big difference in the success of your cannabis enterprise. 

As a leading white-label manufacturer, Vantage can help with API grade raw materials, custom CBD and terpene formulations delivered in bulk, or internationally-compliant Consumer Packaged Goods delivered under your own brand.

CBD Full Spectrum Oils and Distillates

Full Spectrum Oils and Distillates are popular in products from softgels, tinctures, and capsules to cosmetics, topicals, and vapes. Combining CBD extracts with diluents such as naturally-sourced terpenes, coconut oil, hemp oil, or MCT oil, is the simplest way to deliver finished goods while improving bioavailability of minor cannabinoids and terpenes.  CBD Full Spectrum Oil terpene formulations in softgel format are the best of both worlds – combining the full spectrum “entourage effect” of whole plant medicine with the clean, consistent, and flavorless dosage format of pharmaceutical grade softgels.

Top-shelf brands require product consistency month in and month out. Partner with Vantage Hemp to ensure consistent and scalable product manufacturing and custom formulations that deliver for your brand.

CBD Creams

Topicals are leading the charge when it comes to formulations designed to reduce inflammation, aid muscle recovery, and encourage healthy skin. CBD topicals may be delivered in a simple tub of cream, as a stick, or in a roll-on applicator. Creams containing CBD have taken the skincare market by storm in recent years, as the use of cannabis plant material for medical and lifestyle purposes has become more and more socially acceptable. 

CBD-based creams and other topical formulations sell extremely well amongst women, the elderly, athletes, and many other groups of ordinary people.  They are used in various lines of facial care and beauty products. Combining CBD distillates with aloe and other beneficial plant extracts is a common practice used in the production of creams for people with sensitive skin.

At Vantage Hemp, we can help you scale up your cannabis topicals business by providing you with CBD distillates, CBD Full Spectrum Oil, or pure CBD Isolate. We can feed your existing operations or talk to us about becoming your contract manufacturing partner, and we will take care of all your product development, formulation, and manufacturing needs.

How Does CBD Work?

Before discussing the potential therapeutic properties of CBD formulations, it is important to note that most of the 1300+ CBD clinical trials filed with are early-stage evaluations of CBD’s effects. As of today, many of its properties cannot be outright confirmed or denied by governing medical bodies. Be wary of vendors and companies who are overly outspoken about the certainty and efficacy of their CBD products.

At Vantage Hemp, we stick to science. We do our best to manufacture the best CBD products possible that can help people in many different ways, but we don’t feel the need to resort to unconfirmed claims, instead letting the quality of our products speak for itself.

CBD and the Human Body

Cannabidiol interacts with our bodies through the endocannabinoid system. It is part of the human central nervous system which includes cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. It has been found that THC binds more aggressively to these receptors, and while CBD also interacts with them, it connects with other receptors, including serotonin receptors. These receptors influence our pain, moods, and sleep cycle, which can explain why some people find CBD topicals helpful in pain management or sleep issues.

Why Do People Use CBD Natural Health Products?

One of the most-studied aspects of CBD in the medical context was its effects on patients with epilepsy. In fact, these clinical studies have laid the ground for the FDA to approve a CBD-based drug for epilepsy treatment, effectively legitimizing the compound in the eyes of the scientific community.

The skin health industry is a vast one, with a wide variety of products available for just about any skin condition or disease imaginable. However, many skincare solutions, especially mass-produced ones, have turned out to cause adverse reactions in many people. Natural alternatives made from plant-based ingredients are therefore sought out by many people who have had negative experiences with mass-produced creams.

Made from plant-based raw materials, CBD creams and oils are the perfect natural health solution for those struggling with artificial topicals. Its own unique benefits aside, CBD is a compound that blends with a whole myriad of other components with very few contraindications. This makes it easy for companies to use CBD in their products, regardless of their purpose.