The Vantage Hemp Co. Advantage

The Vantage Hemp Co. Advantage

The Vantage Hemp Co. Advantage: Deep Science, Technology, and World-class Team Positions Vantage Hemp Co. as a CBD Extraction Leader with API capabilities.  

“Our company is developing strategic partnerships with global entrepreneurs and brands to help move their businesses forward. We are connecting with buyers and partners who can benefit from our high-quality, certified hemp biomass and extracts. “Our ability to deliver premium products based on customer requirements separates Vantage Hemp in the marketplace,” says Harvinder Johal, Director of Vantage Hemp Co.  With strong hemp production partners, a large-scale high volume extraction facility, state-of-the-art technology, and a meticulous focus on every detail from seed-to-sale, Vantage Hemp Co. has CBD-hemp extraction down to a science. Based in Greeley, Colorado, Vantage Hemp Co. specializes in the production of GMP compliant, High quality crude oil, full spectrum oil, distillate and isolate and is positioned to be a leading supplier of hemp derived CBD.


Vantage Hemp Co. uses a technologically advanced and scientifically driven extraction process to ensure the production of premium extracts which contain a comprehensive variety of healthy compounds, every time. 


The systematic practices at Vantage Hemp Co. uses a science based approach to produce the highest quality products. A multi-stage process incorporates the latest technology which contributes to pharmaceutical grade, extracts – a Vantage Hemp Co. hallmark.


Sustainability, transparency and quality are at the core of Vantage Hemp Co.’s mission and values. To this end, the company processes only the highest quality biomass with the most desirable genetic and physiochemical traits. Furthermore, the company’s seed to sale approach tracks the supply chain lifecycle of their extracts from the initial planting through the extraction process and to the processing and sales of their oils, distillates, and isolates.  


The company is led by an experienced world-class team of professional growers and industry experts specializing in medical, pharmaceutical, business operations, and extraction including Chief Science Officer and former Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. Daniel Chinnapen, Facility and Operations Manager, Kurt Delehoy, and Extraction Manager, Justin Vincent. The company is making a mark with its scientifically driven extraction and purification process. With these combined factors, Vantage Hemp Co. is positioned to be a U.S. leader for the supply of high-quality CBD extracts. The company launched operations at its 35,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art extraction facility in Greeley, Colorado, and recently completed its new second manufacturing facility designed to be GMP compliant. The second facility enables Vantage Hemp Co. to process four tons of biomass per day using hydrocarbon extraction, in addition to the ton per day for CO2 extraction produced in the first facility. The facility also supports large scale winterization, high volume distillation apparatus to produce high-quality distillate, in-house testing capabilities, and features production scale crystallization equipment to produce CBD isolate.
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