How to Succeed in the Evolving CBD Pharmaceutical Market

How to Succeed in the Evolving CBD Pharmaceutical Market

Rising to the challenge

The demand for cannabidiol (CBD) is growing fast in the pharmaceutical sector, thanks to increased awareness among consumers about CBD health benefits. Current market projections suggest that the US CBD pharmaceuticals market will increase 10-fold between 2019 and 2026, reaching over $2 billion US.1  “Early movers in consumer health will benefit from a decisive advantage as they capture their customer base early,” states KPMG’s Insights on CBD in the Consumer Health Market white paper.2 “Early movers can secure partnerships with key suppliers and develop a strong supply chain.” There is one major challenge, though. Currently, few CBD companies have the needed pharmaceutical expertise and capability to process and manufacture high-grade, scientifically-proven consumer health CBD products that can demonstrate product benefit. That’s where Vantage Hemp Co. – a ‘best in class’ supplier and manufacturer of CBD extracts to the pharmaceutical industry – is different. Vantage’s world-class manufacturing facilities are compliant with global pharmaceutical regulatory standards and Good Manufacturing Practices. Vantage is in the process of submitting multiple Drug Master Files (DMF) with the FDA and can partner with pharmaceutical companies to manufacture products, providing product support as part of the company’s clinical study demand as well as their regulatory filing and Chemistry, Manufacturing, Controls (CMC) File. Vantage is dedicated to high quality, science-driven consistency and transparency — all while building trust and positive relationships with clients. “As the CBD industry advances, more and more big pharma companies will look to work with experienced pharmaceutical CBD producers like Vantage, instead of making their own vertical forays into the space,” said Christian Santi, Director of Sales at Vantage. “It’s just a matter of time,” added Santi. “But one thing is clear; the movement has started, and it looks irreversible.” 1  2

Greg Rutherford

As a strategic pharmaceutical business leader with Canadian, US, and international experience, Greg Rutherford serves as a proven pharmaceutical expert for Vantage’s segment-leading commercial marketing and strategy. Greg has extensive global pharmaceutical experience in launching and commercializing drug assets and in delivering ROI positive, sustainable revenue.

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