Author: Darcie Moran

With pharmaceutical experience and an impressive decade-long career in the cannabis and hemp sector, Darcie is a well-rounded expert in ensuring top-notch quality standards. Her extensive knowledge spans seed to sale, cultivation, extraction, testing, quality assurance, compliance, and pharmaceutical practices. Darcie's diverse background allows her to bring a unique perspective to her role at Vantage. In addition to her expertise in quality management, Darcie has showcased her knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical audits and as a result, has positioned Vantage as a trusted and reliable partner for pharmaceutical and clinical study customers. Darcie also played a pivotal role in developing Vantage's Quality Management System (QMS) and has successfully scaled it to an electronic system. Through her innovative thinking and expertise, she has introduced enhancements like automation, streamlining the company’s processes. Darcie's contributions to the cannabis and hemp industry extend beyond her role at Vantage. As a member of the ASTM subcommittee for D37.02 Cannabis and Hemp Quality Management Systems, she actively shapes the future of quality standards in the industry. Her expertise and commitment to quality make her an invaluable asset to the committee and the industry as a whole.