Quality Assurance: Vantage’s ICH Q7 and WHO GMP Certifications

Quality Assurance: Vantage’s ICH Q7 and WHO GMP Certifications

Vantage Hemp Co. has become a global leader in the production of CBD extracts by setting new quality standards for the industry through its achievement of EU and North American compliance, and internationally recognized pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certifications.

Universal principles governing pharmaceutical products are some of the most meticulous and rigorous in the world. These global standards are designed to ensure that members of the pharmaceutical industry conform to a set of regulations that protect consumers and ensure quality through pharmaceutical production standards.

Pharmaceutical certifications


In order to obtain the pharmaceutical certifications known as, ICH Q7 and WHO (World Health Organization) GMP, a company would need to prove they have the processes and procedures in place to consistently produce products that meet predefined safety and quality standards for the global supply chain. ICH Q7 is one of the highest pharmaceutical accreditations that can be given to an extraction facility and ensures compliance with international regulatory standards.

The WHO GMP certification is universally accepted and recognized by more than 100 countries including Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia.* It involves guidelines that play an important part in defining national regulations for pharmaceutical products. Ultimately, manufacturers receive this certification in compliance with regulatory guidelines and quality control.

High-quality CBD extracts

high quality CBD oil

With Vantage Hemp’s forward thinking and thought leadership, these certifications will drive the company to expand further into international CBD markets to pursue commercial opportunities. Through membership in the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and multi-facets of partnerships internationally; Vantage Hemp will be able to build momentum to supply clients from across the globe with high quality pharmaceutical API grade CBD oils, distillates and isolates.

As the industry continues to find consensus on defined quality standards, Vantage Hemp consistently delivers high-quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD extracts at an unparalleled scale for the industry to become the most compliant and accredited extractor in North America.

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Laura Eder

Laura Eder has more than 19 years of experience in the life-cycle management of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. She has had her Regulatory Affairs Certificate (RAC) since 2012. Through her time spent in the world of pharmaceuticals, she has developed a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of FDA regulations, as well as worldwide regulations. She has created an outstanding relationship with the FDA's Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (ODPD) for over 15 years submitting websites, commercials, and promotion materials without issue. Early in 2019, she transitioned into the CBD industry as the Regulatory Manager where she helped to guide the company through several significant regulatory milestones. Leading a team to complete ISO 9001:2015, as well as GMP 111 (dietary supplements) and 117 (food) certifications in record time. The audits with SGS were completed in just three months due to her leadership skills, experience and understanding of what would be needed for this industry. Following that Laura started her own consulting business for a short period before joining Vantage. Once she saw the opportunity at Vantage where she could use her pharmaceutical knowledge and experience in the CBD industry she knew it was the perfect relationship. Since being at Vantage Laura has again completed another successful audit. The annual surveillance audit this past February 2022 which was conducted by SGS at the pharmaceutical level and no findings was the final outcome. Laura is looking forward to moving the CBD industry forward ethically and legitimately with transparency to government agencies such as the FDA.

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