Vantage Hemp Co. Looks Ahead to 2023 After a Breakout Year in International Markets and New Industries

<strong>Vantage Hemp Co. Looks Ahead to 2023 After a Breakout Year in International Markets and New Industries</strong>

Industry leader is now setting the bar beyond CBD (cannabidiol) with pharmaceutical-grade production and manufacturing for a variety of plant-based products

Vantage Hemp Co. (“Vantage” or the “Company”), has continued to stand out in an ever-changing CBD industry through an unrelenting commitment to high-quality processes and global standards adherence. The Company’s dedication and experience have allowed it to diversify its customer base and expand into new markets with non-CBD contracts, which will drive its business to new heights in 2023. 

Vantage’s CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) partnership with Psyched Wellness, an innovator in the functional mushroom space, is a clear and positive indicator of its growth and future thinking. The Company developed the extraction and conversion process, and Psyched Wellness’ tincture formulation including the flavor profile. Additional work is underway to further refine the purification process and develop additional product formats. Vantage plans to play a significant role in the flourishing revolution of plant-based wellness.

“Research brings novel plant-based products’ functionality and benefits to light. Vantage’s dedication to increasing capabilities and deepening our impact on the CBD and adjacent industries makes us uniquely ready to serve a range of companies and consumers through 2023 and beyond,” states Harvinder Johal, Vantage Hemp Co.’s Chief Revenue Officer.

In 2022, the Company established partnerships in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, with a soon-to-be-finalized agreement in Japan. Vantage also inked a multi-million dollar deal with Medcan Australia to export its tincture finished product and pharmaceutical-grade CBD for local pharmaceutical and biotech companies. 

“The businesses we work with are building out a customer base of individuals looking to take ownership of their health with convenient, modern solutions. Vantage is dedicated to providing more businesses with extensive product capabilities, flexible manufacturing capacity, and high-quality products,” says Vantage Hemp Co.’s Chief Process Biochemist, Deepank Utkhede. “This is extremely important to our customers and us as we look to provide new innovations to a growing consumer market.”

The extraction and manufacturing industry has seen many players in 2022 who have experienced site disasters and tragedies taking a different approach to quality and safety than Vantage. The Company’s unwavering dedication to safety, its employees, and its partners are evidenced by its world-class facilities, global regulatory compliance, and pharmaceutical-production standards.

It’s no secret that the industry can be tumultuous. Accreditation to the world’s most rigorous quality and compliance specifications has established Vantage as the gold standard in plant-based extraction and manufacturing with the agile capacity, capability, and expertise to meet today’s market needs and bring the innovations of the next-generation health and wellness solutions to businesses and consumers.

About Vantage Hemp Co.

With large-scale extraction facilities, Colorado-based Vantage Hemp Co. delivers pharmaceutical-grade GMP-compliant CBD extracts (including full-spectrum oil, distillate and isolate) that companies can trust. Vantage’s contract manufacturing services offer a broad range of benefits as they operate with integrity and abide by stringent pharmaceutical-production standards to provide quality products to their partners.

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