Vantage Hemp Co. Announces Partnership with Medcan Australia

Vantage Hemp Co. Announces Partnership with Medcan Australia

Vantage Hemp Co. is pleased to announce its new partnership with Medcan Australia (Medcan) and expansion into the Australian CBD market through the distribution of their pharmaceutical grade CBD extracts. 

Under the agreement, Vantage Hemp Co. will supply Medcan a range of high quality crude oil, full-spectrum oil, distillate, isolate and CBS Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) products for medical use. 

“We’re pleased to join the Australian medical cannabis community. The opportunity will allow Vantage to enter the growing market to help meet the increased patient demand for CBD products.” said Christian Santi, Director of Sales and Marketing, Vantage Hemp Co. 

Vantage Hemp – one of the most accredited extractors


Vantage Hemp is now one of the most accredited extractors in the world. It has achieved EU compliance, North American GMP compliance, and the internationally recognized ICH Q7 GMP and WHO GMP certifications, which endorse the company’s CBD extracts as the highest standard found anywhere in the world. Vantage Hemp will utilize their state-of-the-art facilities by providing premium extracts that will allow the company to set the stage for a new level of standards and innovative products in Australia’s CBD market.

Santi continues, “This strategic partnership further validates the quality of our products and the strength of our science driven, data-backed value proposition. It’s another important step forward to position Vantage as a leader in CBD extraction and becoming a globally recognized brand by increasing our foothold in international markets. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Medcan to bring trusted, quality products to patients”

Leader in the Australian medicinal CBD


Medcan has quickly become a leader in the Australian medicinal CBD industry through its commitment to providing quality, accessible products to patients. The partnership reflects the companies’ shared values and commitment to meet the needs of patients by providing access to trusted, and the highest quality cannabis products on the market. 

“Now more than ever, it’s important to meet the growing interest from patients with quality products that will provide effective results.” said Craig Cochran,Founder and CEO, Medcan Australia. “Partnering with Vantage Hemp gives us the ability to extend the scope of our products to offer greater support and variety to patients across Australia. We’re proud to collaborate with Vantage Hemp to further strengthen our mutual goals and allow both companies to scale to meet demand and deliver the quality our patients expect.” 

 For media inquiries contact Russell Cafferty, Media Executive at or 1-877-681-5541

About Medcan Australia

Medcan Australia was founded in 2016 and was one of the first Australian companies to be licensed by the Office of Drug Control (ODC) to cultivate and produce Medicinal Cannabis, manufacture Medicinal Cannabis products and import and export Medicinal Cannabis products. The company was founded with a single vision to provide Australian patients with high quality, fair priced Medicinal Cannabis products.

Medcan have a dedicated Cultivation, Production, Manufacture and Pharmaceutical wholesaling facility located in Brisbane Australia. Medcan currently import a range of TGO93 compliant MEDCAN branded products for supply to Australian patients.

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