Key Takeaways from Attending CPHI North America 2023

Key Takeaways from Attending CPHI North America 2023

CPHI North America 2023 brought together the entire pharmaceutical supply chain under one roof, providing an unparalleled opportunity for learning, networking, and sourcing new opportunities at the core of the sector.

Held at the Philadelphia Convention Centre, Vantage Hemp Co. saw a diverse group of stakeholders, ranging from API suppliers to outsourcing providers and regulatory experts, representing a dynamic melting pot of expertise.

Networking with Industry Peers

After a prolonged period of virtual meetings, Vantage was eager to connect with the pharma industry in person. The conference attracted over 10,000 attendees, including key players like Pfizer CentreOne and Biophore Pharma Inc.

As an exhibitor at booth #1202 in the biopharma section, Vantage proudly showcased its world-class pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities, with a particular focus on the emerging plant-based market. 

With delegates representing 79 countries, 65% of the total number of attendees had purchasing ability and 48% held c-suite positions within their organizations. This provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect with like-minded peers, exchange ideas, and cultivate collaborative partnerships to overcome common industry challenges and achieve collective goals.

Sourcing New Opportunities

The CPHI forum served as an excellent platform for Vantage and other industry participants to gain visibility and generate leads, ultimately accelerating progress in the pharmaceutical sector.

At Vantage’s booth, our esteemed leadership team, Harvinder Johal, Chief Revenue Officer, Deepank Utkhede, Chief Operating Officer, and Christian Santi, Director of Sales, presented our innovative range of products and services, showcasing the company’s capabilities to a wide and diverse audience.

Read our case study on Formulation Development and cGMP Clinical Batch Manufacturing to learn more.

The team was pleased to have established high-quality leads and fostered relationships with North America’s most inventive pharma solution providers, confident that Vantage’s participation in CPHI will contribute significantly to the company’s growth trajectory.

Gathering Market Intelligence 

Not only was CPHI critical for generating leads but also for staying ahead of the latest industry trends. Vantage recognizes the critical importance of staying informed on emerging technologies and market developments to better serve its clients and meet the evolving demands of the market.

The forum presented an ideal platform for attendees to share insights and learn from visionary thought leaders in every facet of the pharma supply chain. It was an excellent opportunity to gain inspiration from some of the most innovative minds in the industry and explore the latest developments in the sector.

Market intelligence also included valuable competitor investigation. It’s not every day that an organization gets the opportunity to come face-to-face with competitors, their products, and their marketing strategies. CPHI provided this opportunity and then some.

Showcasing Thought Leadership

Our team is committed to exploring new avenues to share expertise and discussions at CPHI centered on Vantage’s recent Drug Master File (DMF) submission for CBD Isolate and the application of our active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in early-stage or pre-clinical drug development, particularly in India and Brazil. 

Learn how Vantage established itself as a transparent and reliable partner to both clients and regulatory bodies through its DMF submission.

Through exhibiting at the conference, Vantage demonstrated its unwavering commitment to advancing the CBD and plant-based industry forward with professionalism and integrity. 

CPHI: Where Industry Leaders Come Together to Drive Innovation

Events like CPHI provide the perfect platform to network with industry peers, discover new partners for future collaboration, gather market intelligence, and showcase your company’s offer – all in one place.

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