Unlocking Your Brand's True Potential

Unlocking Your Brand’s True Potential

CBD – A Consumer Health Revolution Amidst Regulatory Ambiguity

CBD (cannabidiol), one of many cannabinoids derived from the plant Cannabis sativa L. (cannabis) has gained enormous popularity over the last decade. While positive consumer perception of CBD continues to rise around the world, research suggests that claims regarding safety and trustworthiness are of paramount importance in today’s consumer market.

With CBD companies mostly left to self-regulate, consumers are left to evaluate the safety and efficacy of CBD-containing products based only on available product information, branding, and enterprise vision and values. At Vantage Hemp Co., our corporate foundation lies in the relationships we have cultivated in our personal and professional communities, both local and global. Vantage’s dedication to excellence across processes and procedures comes directly from our collective vision of excellence in international standards of GMP quality and compliance, taking the necessary steps to protect consumers.

Corporate Vision – Implementing the Vantage Advantage

Vantage builds reliable relationships within the community based on quality, transparency, and mutually beneficial partnerships. The entire Vantage team collaborates internally with the singular focus of delivering pharmaceutical-grade CBD products to our clients and their consumers. Our commitment to consumer safety and product performance has established Vantage as an industry leader and the most reliable and authentic CBD manufacturer in-market.

Sustainable Success – A Matter of Standards

It’s no secret that a corporation’s culture is set by its leadership; an organization’s tone and tenor reflect those espoused by people in key positions that direct strategy, resources, and operations. Across functions and levels of experience, expertise, and leadership, Vantage’s values remain steadfastly aligned – regulatory transparency in the service of consumer safety and satisfaction of all stakeholders. Our definition of success at Vantage starts with a genuine commitment to delivering full-service excellence to our partners and clients, and we know that commitment can only be realized with the sincere, focused effort of our entire team. We don’t just sell products and services Vantage empowers brands to realize their full potential free from the technical and compliance burdens associated with delivering reliable consumer CBD products.

Go “Asset Light” with Vantage – Setting Your Brand Free

Few companies are as seriously focused on providing access to pharmaceutical-grade products and finished goods as Vantage. Our unique focus coupled with our mandate for continuous improvement gives our clients the confidence to entrust their development and manufacture to Vantage.

A prime example – from 2016 to 2021, our client was one of the leading vertically integrated CBD manufacturers in the United States. With properties in genetics and cultivation, extraction, refinement, finished goods manufacturing, brand management, and distribution, they had expanded rapidly while gaining significant market share. In moving to an ‘asset light’ model, the company retained their unique brand IP, distribution channels, and custom product formulations, but needed to rebuild its hemp supply, CBD extraction, and product manufacturing supply chain. Vantage was able to provide a turnkey, internationally compliant, supply chain solution that allowed the company to liquidate its supply chain exposure while focusing on its core competency: bringing a high-quality, high-performing CBD brand to market.

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