Do harvesting methods impact the quality of your CBD?

Hemp comes with extreme harvesting flexibility but based on the year and the way you harvest, your growing and harvesting method can impact the quality of the hemp flower delivered for extraction. The harvesting process At Vantage Hemp, we prefer hemp to be harvested using one of two methods:
  • 1) Windrow and combine – In this method, the plant is cut and left to dry in the windrow.  This natural drying method is a major cost saving for the farmer compared to hop dryers or the manual labour required in hanging.  Once the crop is dry, the crop is harvested with a combine to separate the stock and flower.  This method is very advantageous in lower humidity climates like Colorado. 
  • 2) Hand cut and hang dry – A more labor intensive approach, this method of harvesting ensures hemp crops dry evenly and the integrity of the cola is maintained.  This is key to preserving potency, vibrancy, color, and most importantly, the quality of the finished product (isolates, distillates and oils). As acres and field sizes have grown, theis method becomes more difficult.
A critical decision – seed variety selection Regardless of which harvest method you choose, one of the most critical decisions is seed variety selection. Choosing a variety that will perform in your geography is critical.  If you are intending to sell to certain extractors, ensure that you are growing a variety from their recommended list if they have one.   Seed variety selection is so important as it strongly impacts business plans for the seller and extractor. Seed variety selection also influences the actual quality of the hemp and thus the quality of CBD manufactured. A stable and efficient seed will yield robust crops; a questionable seed can lead to failure. Good vetting of seed varieties will also mean more dependable options for the consumer; sourcing seeds with stable genetics from a consistent source is key. With over 50 different hemp varieties to choose from, it’s critical to evaluate and verify that a seed meets standard requirements and issue certificates that assure you are buying quality seed and crop products that have met rigorous production and documentation requirements. When selecting seeds be mindful of the following:
  • Does the breeder or seed representative have a good reputation in the industry.  Be cautious of big promises that seem higher than your own past experiences. 
  • While some seed varieties are tested and stable, others aren’t, which means they can vary in quality and uniformity
  • If a variety’s parent lines are not true breeding, then seedlings will present variations of height, bloom time, quantity and cannabinoid analysis, ranging from high CBD to high THC in the same seed lot. 
  • Grow multiple variety lines to hedge environmental or varietal risks.  
The most important factor: care Care throughout the growing season is critical. Thanks to our expert team, we’re able to partner with exceptional growers who care about our bottom line to consistently deliver premium hemp biomass that are used to create exceptional CBD products for the marketplace. Our level of care and attention to detail ensures our customers get the quality they demand and expect.  Vantage Hemp operates extremely closely with our growers; our growers are experts who carefully select high quality seeds, and expertly tend to the fields during the entire growing season. We work very closely with our growers to ensure ultimate plant health, maximal CBD content, and legal THC limits throughout the harvest. Our specific multi-stage scientific process succeeds because we ensure that both we and our growers follow meticulous steps. Vantage Hemp maintains an 100% dedication to premium quality science-driven consistency, sustainability and transparency, and commitment to positive, trustworthy relationships with our partners and community. Do you want to learn more about what makes a quality CBD product? Check out our latest blog on the top three critical factors to ensure a quality CBD product. For more information on Vantage Hemp, contact us at today.
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