Launching Your Brand with Private Label Services

Launching Your Brand with Private Label Services

Private Label Services – Your Vision, Our Mission

Private label products, which include store brand and white label products, are made and sold by two separate entities; one company manufactures the product and another brand sells it.1 Private label products benefit stakeholders at all levels; consumers get more variety and better pricing, manufacturers profit from increased production, and retailers get agility and flexibility in their product offerings. Private label products are an efficient way for a brand or company to delve into a business venture while avoiding the costs of owning the entire value chain. Partnering with an established manufacturer offering complete private label services is equivalent to adding a full R&D division to your team – highly-skilled experts focused on the technical formulation and production details required to meet your defined product specifications. Selecting the right private label service provider grants your brand access to unique product portfolios driven by deep knowledge and broad expertise, giving you the ability to meet the dynamic needs of your consumer base. Conversely, trusting the wrong private label manufacturer can decimate your consumer’s confidence and kill your brand.  

A Trust-Based Proposition

Traditionally, consumers relate a product’s safety and efficacy to its brand because both the manufacture and promotion of the product were controlled by the same company.3 By definition, private label products have third-party manufacturers that operate separately from its insights, marketing, and sales functions. The private label business model maintains the brand as the focus for consumers, but greatly increases the responsibility of the brand to the consumer because it is separated from controlling actual product manufacture.4 With your brand acting as the de facto face of the third-party producer, your manufacturing partner must be reliable and quality-focused guaranteeing high-quality products that will help you establish and build your brand. Just like your consumer trusts your brand to deliver on its promises, you trust your private label service providers’ capability to meet manufacturing demands and provide high-quality bulk ingredients and a wide range of finished products with reliable consistency and quality – all of which drive consumer satisfaction and retention. Trust Through Transparency – The Vantage Advantage Vantage Hemp Co.’s private label services focus on the ultimate intent of your business: fulfilling shoppers’ needs, increasing satisfaction, and retaining target consumers. Across all consumer product categories (e.g. personal care, health, beauty, pet care, food and beverage, etc.), partnering with Vantage ensures that quality is built into your brand offerings, by design. Vantage’s global certifications, clearly defined processes, pharmaceutical-production standards, industry expertise, rigorous auditing, and knowledge of the ever-evolving regulatory environment position you and your brand for long-term success. Unique and reliable formulations incorporating safe, proven ingredients combined with the flexibility of scaled-up production and manufacturing capacity are the advantage of collaborating with Vantage to develop and realize your brand’s potential. Christian Santi, Director of Sales at Vantage, drove this point home by saying, “Choosing Vantage as your private label partner positions your product as premium in both quality and compliance; co-creating your custom-branded products with the Vantage team is the most direct and reliable way to ensure your consumer’s satisfaction and, ultimately, your product’s success in the market.”   1 The best private label companies do their research. 3 Ching Biu Tse, A. Factors affecting consumer perceptions on product safety. European Journal of Marketing. 1999;33(9/10):911-925. doi:10.1108/03090569910285841 4 What Is Private Labeling? The Private Labeling Business Model In A Nutshell.

Christian Santi

With over 25 years of experience in sales, business development, marketing, and operations management. Christian Santi comes from a variety of industries and is no stranger to leading global supply chain organisations. Christian’s past titles range from Chief Operating Officer, Director of Channel Sales & Product Development, Executive Vice President, and most recently Director of Sales for companies such as Socati Corp, Ferrin-Tech, and Boulder Botanicals & Bioscience Laboratory. Additionally, Christian has extensive expertise in building and leading high-performance sales teams and providing analysis on client needs through a consultative approach. Christian is also well equipped to handle international markets with a background and in-depth knowledge of sourcing from China and India.

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