World Leading Contract Manufacturing, White Label and Formulations

World Leading Contract Manufacturing, White Label and Formulations

Studies have demonstrated CBD’s proficiency to treat inflammation with the ability to remedy a number of physical and mental illnesses. Compounds with anti-inflammatory properties are highly prized in both wellness and medical markets, and CBD has the added benefits of antibacterial and antiviral attributes. With the popularity of tinctures, topicals and capsules promoting increased consumer accessibility and adoption, the global CBD market is expected to surpass $13 billion in revenue by 2028. The EU cosmetic ingredient database determined that cannabinoids can be used in cleansers and conditioners, with hemp-based CBD oil particularly revered as it rejuvenates damaged skin.

Producers of consumer packaged goods regularly partner with industry specialists to achieve the highest quality and consistency which ensures optimal efficacy and elevates their products above the competition. The CBD industry is no exception, but with a lack of unified regulations it can be difficult to source premium CBD and CBD products that can be exported worldwide.

A chasm exists between wellness and medical markets, with active ingredients in the latter held to a higher standard. For medical products, clinical trials are mandated in patient populations to demonstrate safety and efficacy in order to gain regulatory approval. In wellness markets, this due diligence is not legally required and therefore rarely conducted, despite the products often being consumed in the same way. In loosely governed wellness markets, CBD products have been found to contain contaminants, a different potency than advertised and in some cases absent of the cannabinoid entirely.

Industry Compliance and Industrial Innovation

As regulations are tightened, producers need to ensure their goods are produced with pharmaceutical-grade CBD and compliant at the highest level. In wellness markets, the highest universally recognized accreditation is the World Health Organization’s Good Manufacturing Practices (WHO GMP), which endorses cannabinoid extraction facilities and its processes.

In the medical industry, the most distinguished certification that can be achieved is the International Conference for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use Q7 (ICH Q7). Compliance with this standard ensures compliance with international GMP standards and technical aspects of product development, which requires a science-based and data-driven approach that Vantage continuously achieves and maintains. Generally, this requires purpose-built facilities and pharmaceutical proficiency with considerable investment in industry-specific innovation. 

The authorizations are so arduous to achieve that Vantage Hemp is the only North American hemp extractor with the coveted qualifications, empowering its partners to expand worldwide knowing they have the best possible CBD extracts. In addition to being able to supply CBD products of unsurpassed quality, Vantage Hemp is also uniquely positioned to manufacture them at scale, with facilities designed for cannabinoid extraction and finished goods manufacturing that span 60,000 square feet. This enables the company to process upwards of five tonnes of hemp biomass each and every day, which in turn, enables its partners to grow alongside the industry and expand into new markets as they emerge. Vantage Hemp is second to none in terms of size, design and technology.


By deploying a data-driven approach to developing extraction and purification processes for CBD concentrates, Vantage Hemp can guarantee products are of pharmaceutical purity and potency. The meticulous manufacturing methods create reliable products through the consistent meeting of safety requirements. Vantage Hemp specializes in creating CBD oil, distillates and isolates, from which it produces premium creams, capsules and tinctures. As the landscape evolves, Vantage Hemp is expanding its product portfolio to include beverages, softgels and tablets.

This wide range of CBD products allows more companies and their consumers to reap the benefits of cannabinoids. Convenient consumption methods help normalize CBD’s use in clinical and therapeutic settings, further accelerating its adoption. As the public is already acclimatized to applying creams and consuming capsules, many feel comfortable using familiar products for their therapeutic effects, even if the ingredient was formerly forbidden.

Grow Alongside the Industry

With the launch of contract manufacturing, white-label, and formulation services, small companies and start-ups can now benefit from Vantage Hemp’s scientific expertise and investment in innovation. Vantage Hemp’s premium quality CBD products and sustainable techniques have been accredited at the highest level and endorsed for export around the globe. This allows ambitious businesses with limited budgets to expand into new markets and reach untapped audiences, with the best active pharmaceutical ingredient available. The resources saved can then be reallocated to drive market demand and develop proprietary products, underpinned by Vantage Hemp’s industry-leading CBD.

By securing bulk formulations, companies of all sizes can achieve greater cost and processing efficiencies, leveraging greater economies of scale to yield the highest return on their investment. If you are interested in working with Vantage Hemp Co. or learning more about its products, please contact CHRISTIAN@VANTAGEHEMP.COM.

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