Pharmaceutical Grade CBD for Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical Grade CBD for Clinical Trials
As the Chief Operating Officer of Vantage Hemp, I’m excited to share a recent milestone in our journey towards advancing medical science with high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade CBD. Our commitment to excellence and regulatory compliance has recently positioned us as the chosen supplier for a groundbreaking clinical trial aimed at developing a novel heart medication.

Revolutionizing Heart Medication Development

In a world where the demand for innovative medical solutions is ever-growing, our team at Vantage Hemp has been relentlessly working to ensure that our CBD products meet the highest pharmaceutical standards. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Colorado are not just buildings; they are the bedrock of trust and quality that our clients rely on. We are the only hemp processor in North America certified to WHO GMP, FDA 21 CFR 210/211, and ICH Q7 standards, which speaks volumes about our dedication to quality and compliance. The journey towards this achievement began at the International Cannabinoid-Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit (iCDP), where I had the privilege of addressing an international audience on the stringent pharmaceutical regulatory standards essential for the global CBD market. It was there that our paths crossed with a small, yet ambitious pharmaceutical company focused on developing a new formulation for treating heart conditions like the inflammatory myocarditis and pericarditis.

A Strategic Collaboration Born at iCDP

This company, outside of the USA, had already established a clinical proof of concept for their innovative CBD/CBDA formulation aimed at managing cancer pain. Their next ambitious step involved heart conditions in Phase 2a of their development, and they needed a reliable partner who could supply pharmaceutical-grade CBD that met rigorous regulatory standards. After my presentation at iCDP, they approached us, eager to form a partnership based on trust, scientific rigor, and our proven track record. They required specific clinical product batches of CBD SoftGels, which not only had to be of impeccable quality but also produced under stringent GMP conditions and in compliance with their country’s regulatory framework for research and development.

Delivering Beyond Expectations

We took on the challenge with the dedication and precision that Vantage is known for. Not only did we provide the required APIs, but we also supported the encapsulation and final production of over 200,000 SoftGels for their initial batch requirements. This was a significant undertaking that showcased our capacity to not only meet but exceed client expectations in both product quality and batch volume. Our facilities, designed to support both R&D and commercialization, played a crucial role in this process. We ensured that every step, from extraction to final product testing, was conducted under the highest standards. This commitment to quality and detail is what sets Vantage apart in the industry.

Looking Ahead with Confidence

This collaboration highlights the potential of CBD in clinical settings and reinforces Vantage Hemp’s position as a leader in the production of pharmaceutical-grade CBD. As we continue to support our clients from R&D through to commercialization, we remain committed to being a beacon of stability and scalability in the dynamic field of cannabinoid research. For anyone looking to embark on a similar journey in the development of novel pharmaceuticals, consider Vantage Hemp. Our promise is not just to meet expectations but to drive innovation, deliver quality, and support your projects every step of the way. Together, let’s shape the future of medicine. Deepank Utkhede Chief Operating Officer, Vantage Hemp
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