A Comprehensive Guide on White Label Topicals

A Comprehensive Guide on White Label Topicals

Skin Deep(er)

While many of us take our skin for granted, our outer dermal layer does more than just protect musculature and internal organs.

Covering practically the entire body, skin is an organ in and of itself; in fact, the epidermis is the largest human organ.1 Unlike most other organs that have only to contend with the environment inside the body, skin faces both inside and out. While keeping our insides contained and shielded, skin also acts as a manager and selective transmitter of signals coming in from the outside world. As a direct conduit to the surrounding external milieu, the human skin provides a uniquely challenging, but clinically important, opportunity for the delivery of key active compounds.

Pharma tubes

The complexity of the skin system necessitates deep scientific understanding and formulary expertise in the development of topical health and wellness solutions. Topical products include lotions, creams, balms, serums, roll-ons, and oils that are meant to be applied to the hair, skin, and nails.

Partnering your brand with the experts behind Vantage Hemp Co. through a white label relationship ensures your customers are getting a product that is safe and efficacious.


A Topical Topic

Evidence supporting CBD (cannabidiol), a cannabinoid phytochemical produced by hemp, as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant is mounting.2,3  Not surprisingly, CBD’s potential as a topical treatment for skin issues and diseases is an active and fruitful area of research.4

Rather than being inhaled or ingested, topical forms of CBD are applied directly to the outer skin layers where they are absorbed into the system transdermally. Hemp-derived CBD extracts in topical products are absorbed into the skin and interact with a network of cannabinoid receptors called CB2, which are part of the body’s own complex endocannabinoid system. CBD interacts indirectly with CB2 receptors and activates other receptors and ion channels that have a plethora of positive effects, promoting a sense of well-being and encouraging higher levels of anandamide production.5

Consumers are looking for brands to help them navigate the complexity of both their own personal skin care needs and the explosion of CBD products on the market. Vantage’s white label formulations give you the product insights and stringent production standards of a trusted research and development team through pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing services.


White Label Topicals – Your Brand’s (Ad)Vantage

Whether your brand needs a topical product offering to complete a portfolio or as its foundational centerpiece, Vantage’s white label formulations are the custom solutions you need. Vantage white label products are built on a foundation of guaranteed pharmaceutical-grade extracts and high-quality ingredients validated and verified through cGMP certifications.

Using clearly defined pharmaceutical production processes and drawing on their expertise as a proven and transparent pharmaceutical-quality producer, Vantage offers flexible solutions for all types of topicals – from health and wellness to cosmetics.


“Vantage’s white label products allow your brand to offer high-quality CBD topical solutions while providing you with absolute confidence in your consumer’s satisfaction,” noted Joel Garrett, Vantage’s Formulation Development Specialist. “Our robust portfolio of samples lets you explore all that we have to offer before deciding on the formulation that best fits your brand and fulfills its promise to consumers.”

Choosing Vantage as a manufacturing partner for all your topical product needs ensures you’re doing what you do best – identifying and meeting the needs of your consumer.

Look for Vantage at the White Label World Expo in New York from September 29-30, 2022. Our Chief Process Biochemist, Deepank Utkhede, will be speaking at the ultimate destination for thousands of global leaders, entrepreneurs, online sellers, retailers, and distributors. More details to follow this summer. https://www.whitelabelexponyc.com/


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