The Vantage Hemp Co. Extraction Process

The Vantage Hemp Co. Extraction Process

What You Need to Know about Extraction

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound derived from hemp plants. With the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 legalizing the production of hemp, CBD and hemp product markets are growing rapidly amongst health, medical, wellness, beverage, beauty, sports and other adjacent industries capitalizing on CBDs putative health and wellness benefits to deliver products to consumers. It’s important to know how CBD is extracted to understand the quality of your CBD product. Vantage Hemp Co.’s commitment to science, technology, excellence, and innovation means our customers receive the purest and highest-quality CBD and CBD extracts that meet industry standards and their consumer expectations. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and a meticulous focus on every detail, our world-class team of professional growers and industry experts has CBD extraction down to a science. It’s how we deliver on our promise of pharmaceutical grade, GMP compliant CBD extracts (including full-spectrum oil, distillate and isolate) that companies and consumers can trust.

CBD Products in the Marketplace

CBD can be provided in many forms including CBD oil, distillates and isolates. No matter which form you choose, consistency, purity and quality are critical for effective CBD products. Enter Vantage Hemp Co., the producer of high-quality CBD extracts to help businesses get premium products to market. From our state of the art facility to our science based, data driven approach, Vantage Hemp Co. has the necessary resources required to produce high-quality CBD extracts.

The advantage of Vantage Hemp Co.’s CBD extraction process

Our extraction process takes place in our two purpose-built facilities located in Greeley, Colorado named Falcon and Raven. The Falcon building is set up for the receipt of hemp biomass where rigorous testing will be performed to ensure it meets predefined specifications for quality before being logged into inventory. Once logged into inventory it will then undergo various processes in preparation for extraction. The Falcon building houses our CO2 extraction units. Also housed in Flacon is the analytical laboratory in which we are able to perform cannabinoid profile and moisture analysis. It also houses lab scale versions of our full scale equipment to allow us to perform process development to optimize various purification steps.  The Raven building houses our hydrocarbon extraction equipment along with all the further purification steps which include winterization to produce full spectrum oil, wiped film short path distillation system to produce CBD distillate and a Nutsche filtration system for the production of CBD isolate. It is important to note that both the Falcon and Raven buildings were designed and built in full consultation with the City of Greeley and the Greeley Fire Department. Vantage Hemp Co. focuses on the production of CBD extracts from hemp grown in the U.S. The combination of CO2 and hydrocarbon extraction coupled with large scale cutting edge purification to produce  oils, distillates and isolates yields highly pure extracts. The quality of products produced by Vantage Hemp Co. is achieved through sound science based data driven development controls the quality of production from seed to extract. By utilizing a combination of real agriculture with real science, we ensure a process of production that delivers premium-grade CBD extracts, oil and isolates, every time.
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