The Growing Adoption of Pharmaceutical Grade CBD

The Growing Adoption of Pharmaceutical Grade CBD
With an increased demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products, how do you know if you are buying the best CBD for your business? A key requirement is ensuring that your CBD and finished products are manufactured using current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines. Consumers and producers of consumer packaged goods are demanding compliance to pharmaceutical cGMP standards throughout the entire production and manufacturing process. Vantage Hemp Co. has implemented pharmaceutical-production standards throughout their extraction and finished goods manufacturing facilities. A model that ensures clients receive products of the highest level of quality and reliability.    Vantage Hemp’s CBD products:
  • Have been specifically produced and are acceptable for pharmaceutical purposes
  • Meet all regulatory requirements for ICH Q7 pharmaceutical grade CBD API including product identity, potency, and purity
  • Are produced using controlled processes in certified GMP facilities
  Developing a robust manufacturing process is essential to ensuring consistent Pharmaceutical Grade CBD extracts and finished goods. This dedication to process control allows Vantage Hemp to guarantee their clients consistency from batch to batch.   Quality assurance is executed by: 
  • A rigorous auditing program
  • Clearly defined and documented manufacturing processes
  • An established Quality Management System including a comprehensive training program
  • 3rd party verification testing
  With growing product adoption and increased CBD utilization, there is demand for premium quality cannabidiol products. Pharmaceutical Grade CBD has become increasingly popular within consumer and pharmaceutical markets resulting in an increase in product options including capsules, tinctures, beverages, pharmaceuticals, skincare, cosmetics, gummies, and pet treats. Due to this, the global CBD market revenue is projected to continue to rise significantly in the coming years.  Vantage Hemp wants to help businesses grow alongside the industry through white labeling and bulk formation services that will provide the best active ingredient available. If you are interested in working with Vantage Hemp Co. or learning more about its products, please contact
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