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Pharmacy Starter Pack from Vantage – 6 UNITS EACH – CBD Tincture 3000 mg / CBD Roll-on 425 mg / Vegan CBD Gummies 25 mg / CBD SoftGel Capsules 50 mg.

6 x CBD TINCTURE 3000 mg

CBD Tincture 3000mg from Vantage Hemp is manufactured to global pharmaceutical standards and contains our unique FDA-registered CBD API.

6 x CBD ROLL-ON 425 mg

CBD Roll-on from Vantage Hemp contains pharmaceutical grade CBD and herbal topical ingredients including Arnica, Frankincense, and Menthol


Vantage Hemp's CBD Gummies are vegan-sourced and optimized for bioavailability with our unique formulation and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes developed in Raven's in-house laboratory.


Vantage Hemp's CBD SoftGel Capsules 50mg are optimized for bioavailability with our unique formulation and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes developed in Raven's in-house laboratory.
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CBD Pharmacy Starter Pack

Vantage Hemp’s CBD Pharmacy Starter Pack is just the right amount of CBD products for a single independent retailer to get started.  Join our  CBD Program for Pharmacists and take advantage of:

  1. Dedicated Support Team
  2. Competitive Wholesale Pricing (MOQ of 5 per SKU)
  3. Free shipping on initial orders
  4. Educational materials describing the products
  5. Vantage Hemp’s 2024 Compliance Package
  6. Point-of-Sale display materials to raise awareness

6 CBD Roll-on 425mg

Vantage Hemp’s CBD ROLL-ON with 425 mg of CBD is part of our fast-growing topical category. Combined with Arnica, Frankincense, and Menthol, it’s an excellent choice for those seeking a convenient and effective way to incorporate topical CBD into an active or recovery lifestyle. With its targeted application this roll-on provides a convenient, travel-friendly option for topical CBD applications.ckaging process.

6 CBD SoftGel Capsules 50mg

Vantage Hemp’s CBD SOFTGEL CAPSULES with 50 mg of CBD offer a powerful, taste-free, and precisely dosed option for incorporating CBD into your self-care program. Trust our manufacturing and quality control teams to deliver the most potent, accurately-dosed, and bio-active forms of CBD for you.

6 Vegan CBD Gummies 25mg

Vantage Hemp’s VEGAN CBD GUMMIES with 25 mg of CBD offer precise dosing, THC-compliant formulation, and delicious taste. Backed by certified third-party testing and plenty of positive customer feedback, these gummies provide a reliable and enjoyable way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

6 CBD Tincture 3000mg

Vantage Hemp’s CBD TINCTURE with 3000 mg of CBD in MCT oil is one of the only CBD oils in the world that meets all global standards for pharmaceutical quality. Based on a recent sample of 1000 CBD products available online, less than 5% were found to possess any form of cGMP certifications at all. These certifications demonstrate stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing and packaging process.

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